CYF Camp 2013: Monday

Maylinn: This is my first year at CYF Camp. Initially I was incredibly nervous- about what we would do, IMG_5099and if I would fit in. Everyone was so welcoming. I’m really looking forward to spending the next week here learning and growing to be a better person.

Tracie: This is my fifth year at camp, and I came a day early to help set up since I’m on the youth leadership team. This is a week that means so much to me that I can’t imagine not being apart of the planning process. For me, a goal of this week, is to help create community. I believe that we all grow over the week but we never grow alone. This camp gives people a way to discover themselves, God, and the goodness in others.

Maylinn: Coming into camp I wasn’t really certain of where I stood, spiritually speaking. Already I’m feeling more secure about what I believe. The love felt for God and by God is really palpable here, even after only a day.

Tracie: I don’t really like to use the term “saved” but I have to say that I was here. I found God the first year I came. The activities, the support from your peers, and adults really makes this environment a safe place to open up. I felt comfortable being who I am and being honest with my emotions.

IMG_5115Austin: This is my first year at this camp and I’m having a great time so far. I took a lot of pics for this blog so… yeah. usually in the past I’ve gone to a different camp and they were fun but very different from this one but I like how close everyone is here and there’s a better connection here.

Tracie: I want to see this camp grow, and for more people to come. I think it’s a great program that should be expanded.

Kent: I am what you would call a lifetime camper. I have spent summers here for the last 11 years. For me, Gonzo is home. From Beginners to CYF, this camp has created so many lifetime memories and relationships. Not only that, Gonzo is where I come to grow. This camp may lack A/C, comfy beds, and Rain, but we always manage to have the time of our lives. This place is where I have connected with myself, as well as my best friends. As a senior, it’s sad to say goodbye to such an integral place of my childhood, but I know the lessons learned here will last a generation and propel me into my imminent adulthood.

Maylinn: I can’t wait to see what else the camp has in store. I hope to grow closer to God as the week progresses, as well as make new friends. So far it has been fantastic and I’m certain it will continue.