CYF Blog Thursday

Camp Days

During the week there are many things to do while you are at camp. For one after lunch you go to FOG time which allows you to rest before you have to go back out into the blazing heat. After FOG time is over you get to choose what you want to do during the time you have for free time which might not seem that long if you look at the time on paper but while you are out there participating it is a lot longer than you would expect. Another thing that you can do is swim in the pool to cool off if you are getting too hot in the sun.

After lunch you get the opportunity to sign up for a lab that you participate in after free time. An example of one of the many labs you can do is music, where you get to create a song where each day different people contribute and on the last day of camp you get to hear the finished version and if you want you can take it home to show your friends what one of the many things you could have done at camp.

Also camp is a great place to make new friends and get together with old friends that you met at camps before. Each day at camp all of the small groups get together to compete in any random competition that the leaders or the Youth Leadership Team choose for you to compete in.