CYF Blog – Day 2


Eleven years ago, two little girls met, and became friends. They met singing in the children’s choir at Cypress Creek Christian Church. They stayed close friends despite the difference in age, and the distance between houses. When the older of the two was in fifth grade and the younger in fourth, the two came to Gonzo together for the first time. They quickly got even closer, and became best friends. There have been years where they were separated due to age, at one point for two years in a row. And one year one was unable to attend due to other commitments. Despite this, when they were at the same camp, they created a bond that would last a lifetime, as well as memories.

Now we’re here at Gonzo once again. We now consider each other sisters, and we can’t imagine being this close to anyone else. We’re irreplaceable to each other, and it’s only been strengthened by this camp and God. Gonzo has not only strengthened our friendship but also our individual relationships with God.

We now find ourselves separating into the biggest split we’ve faced. One of us has graduated, and the other remains in high school for one more year. But we know our friendship can handle it because of the bond we’ve made here. We trust in God to keep us together as friends until the end.


Kirsten and Emily