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Wanted: Local Reporters
This page is dedicated to Congregational Outreach Projects.  We would love to hear about you upcoming projects including dates, times, and location.
After the event occurs, we would love to post pictures and a write-up of what happened,  what good you did in the world, and how your church felt about it.

What are the publishing specifications?

  • Photos should be jpg format. Include description of activity, host church, date of event.
  • One page maximum, may be edited to fit available space.
  • Email to Christal: cpa@ccsw.org. Include contact information in case of questions.
What qualifies as an outreach project? Anything your congregation is doing to reach out to others with the love of God.
Why should you take the time to do this?
  1. It’s good for volunteers. Our congregations are doing so many things to cultivate compassion. Share your good news. It will encourage your own leaders to see that their hard work resulted in something that others can enjoy hearing about. Let them know that your event received recognition from the CPA.
  2. It’s good for your local communities and prospective members. You can use your advance publicity and after-event reports for your own local and neighborhood newspapers and websites. Your local communities need to know about what you are planning and what you have done. After sending your report to us, inquire with local publications about how to submit to them. Someone in your community may be looking for an opportunity to volunteer for a good cause. Let them know how to link in to your event.
  3. It’s good for other congregations. Other congregations will get good ideas for their own mission/outreach programs. We can learn from each other. After seeing your report, you may get a call or email from another pastor or lay leader wanting to know what you learned from your experience and how they can incorporate that learning into their own event.

We look forward to hearing from you.