Coming From Camp…

Sometime Ago

I first showed up to Gonzo in 1990 for junior camp…25 years or so later as I walk into the dorms one more time, as I put my sheets on the beige mattresses one more time, I realize that nothing has changed but everything has changed.  So much has happened here at Gonzo, while it seems like that some old place each year children and youth gather from all over CPA here to experience God and the Spirit in new and even unique ways.  So much happens here in this sacred space that we can’t even begin to account for all the lives that have been changed or touched not to mention the relationships developed and nurtured.  So as I make my bed, on a bed that has been here since Gonzo first opened its doors I am reminded not of just how old this mattress is, but of all the people whose heads have graced it, all the memories shared here and spirits transformed here, and I think, “Man, am I lucky to be part of this.”


Peace from Gonzo,

Rev. Heather