Chain Reaction Ministries

IMG_6492Chain Reaction Ministries was born out of a vision.  Rev. David Finklea, of Memorial Drive Christian Church, began with bikes from his own garage, soon had more donated bikes, and friends to help. Students and business acquaintances joined in. Later they established “spokes” at additional churches.

Refurbished bikes are donated to those who need them for transportation to work, to school, to safety. Learn more below. There’s a link to their website.





  • Recycling of used bicycles to identified persons in need – satisfying a need for basic transportation and/or recreation to adults and kids.
  • Recycling of unusable metal scrap – satisfying a need for the continued recycling of metals – keeping it out of landfills.

Originally a project of Memorial Drive Christian Church, CRM has grown to include hubs and projects in other churches around the Area and the State; and now  has  expanded to Oklahoma. Partnerships with schools and bike shops have greatly enhanced the productivity of this group. CRM seeks donations of used bikes and volunteers for all phases of their projects.

Click  here    to visit the  Chain Reaction Ministries website.