Rice and Beans Fund 

Thank you for your support of this critical ministry.  The Coastal Plains Area is one of two Areas who have been sending shipments to the valley since before 1994.  We need your help to meet the need.
If you’d like to help support this ministry, please send checks made out to   
Coastal Plains Area to the address below. Please note Rice and Beans  
in the memo line.

Coastal Plains Area

  3910 W Lake Houston Pkwy

Kingwood, TX 77339
The rice is purchased directly from the mill and is sent by the truckload. That’s 45,000 pounds of rice every 8 months at a delivered cost of about $8,000 to $10,000 depending on market conditions. Beans are purchased wholesale and are delivered in smaller quantities. Every other month, we need $2,500 for almost 4,400 pounds of beans.
Thank you for supporting our response to a critical need.

…as you did it for the least of these…

Matthew 25:40
F. Feliberto Pereira, Director
A note from Feliberto:
Dear Ones,
We have served refugees and the poorest of the poor in the Rio Grande Valley for decades now. Yet we never cease to be amazed at the  tremendous support of the Coastal Plains Area.  Without you and the grace of God, we simply could not have come this far.
We are so grateful for the huge shipment of rice and beans provided this month by the churches of the Coastal Plains Area. God motivated so many people in the pews of those churches to follow the example of our Savior, and motivated the leaders of those churches and the Area to channel their generosity to our ministries here.
Please pass our thanks along through your communications channels to those churches. Of course, we are so appreciative also of the role of the Area Office in this gift, and for all the Area Office does to further God’s kingdom here on earth. Praying God’s richest blessings on you all.
In God’s Service,
F. Feliberto Pereira