Disciple Oaks Challenge Course Facilitator Training
April 13-15 and April 27-29


The construction of the low course was begun in 2011 followed by the completion of the high course in 2016.  This spring, the camp is offering the opportunity for you to 1) complete the full two weekend facilitator training or 2) be a participant in the first weekend which allows you to experience most of the elements on both the low and high courses under the direction of our current facilitator team.  Find a friend, spouse or child to be a partner in this new adventure.


Disciples Participation

The construction of a course of this quality is great accomplishment but the value of the course is gained when groups are guided though the course by trained facilitators.  The facilitator team that built the low course and has been the strong core for the project is a dedicated, professional and fun group.  But this team is missing something, participation from the CPA and BBA.  In order for the Areas to fully utilize the great blessing that this course brings, we must have Disciples trained as facilitators.


Role of the facilitator

Challenge Course facilitation is a skill that must be learned and practiced.  The director of the current team has many years and hundreds of hours of experience on courses.  The facilitator team is responsible for:


  • Full Weekend Challenge Courses – The facilitator team works with each group as they spend a weekend solving the challenges of the course. The facilitators guide the group as they develop and enhance their skills in leadership, communication, trust, problem solving and confidence.
  • Single Element Events for Summer Campers – Set up and guide campers through one high course element as part of their camp week. Eighter’s is a good example
  • Continued Training and Maintenance – The team gathers several times a year for course mowing, element maintenance, training, camping and fun



Facilitator training is scheduled for April 13-15 and April 27-29.  During the first weekend the group will go through the course as a participant and follow up learning the process, philosophy and techniques of facilitation.  During the second weekend, you will learn the equipment, safety procedures, and technical aspects used in a challenge course.  You will also learn history, tips, techniques, and approaches to the art of facilitation.  Please consider the importance of having Disciples trained to operate our course.  Are you being called to help others grow through this program?


This link is a good tool for providing more information, links to the camp website, a profile on the challenge course program, and registration.  Two weekends; course fee is $250.

New Facilitator Training Course

This link has the same information but registration is only for the first weekend.  One weekend; course fee is $150.

Come & Take It! Challenge Course


Questions?  Are fees an obstacle for you?  Contact Bob Simons, 713-824-2015, bsimons48@gmail.com