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Disciples Men Update
GREETINGS from Spring in the North Houston area!
Yes, it’s winter time but there’s been plenty of fair weather here in Southeast Texas.  With only intermittent cold fronts, one can get the type of weather he prefers – just not all the time!  For the Disciples Men there are five upcoming events that we can put on our calendars.  Check them out and think seriously about participating in one or all these events if you can.  Don’t think you will know anyone?  As a relatively new Disciples Men participant myself, I can tell you from experience how quickly the camaraderie develops. And one cannot be but impressed at the length of some of the friendships that have been nurtured at Disciples Men functions.
CPA/BBA Joint Disciples Men’s Retreat  – February 15 – 16
Disciple Oaks Camp and Retreat
“The Joy of Leaving a Legacy of Faith” led by Mike Skinner, Lead Pastor; with Music led by Chris Henderson, Worship Pastor, both from Sweetwater Christian Church.  Join us at The Lodge as we explore joy and excitement created by a holistic view of discipleship. We will discover how reaching the next generation goes beyond workbooks, programs, and meetings. In addition to the worship and learning experiences, we will nominate and elect our CPA Layman of the Year and Minister of the Year, which awards are to be presented at the Regional Retreat at Brownwood in September. There is a detailed promo with agenda and registration form link imbedded in the Ministries / Disciples Men tab here at the CCSW website.

CCSW Disciples Men’s Mission Project – March 4 – 9

This year’s Spring Mission Project will be to make repairs for a Corpus Christi congregation, Bethany Christian Church, from damage caused by Hurricane Harvey in 2017.  Also, remove an existing 30-foot wall and build a much-needed bathroom.  Come be part of the men’s team that has multiple years success in completing construction projects.  But experience in the construction / building trades  is not a requirement, as one will find that there are plenty of support roles for the rebuild. In fact, helpers such as I are a very needed resource for this type of work.  Come for the entire week if you are able, or for just one or two days – whatever works best!  Go to Ministries / Disciples Men tab in the CCSW website for more information and registration forms.
“Come and Take it!” Challenge Course – April 5 – 7

Facilitator Training – April 26 – 28


CCSW Disciples Men’s Regional Retreat, September 20 – 22

    • Lake Brownwood Christian Retreat
    • Theme & Keynote Speaker – TBD
    • Note – More information will be released as it is finalized
If you have questions about any of the events, check the details under the Ministries / Disciples Men tab in the CCSW website.  Feel free to give me a call to discuss further or just to chat about anything.
Mike Price
CPA Disciples Men Coordinator