2018 CCSW Disciples Men Mission Project


The 2018 Spring Mission Project will be an office/welcome center for the Disciples Conference Center in Gonzales.  The building will have an office, conference room, kitchen, bathroom and storage, electrical, HVAC, etc. from a 33’ x 40’ assembled metallic shell building.  Since we will be starting with a Mueller metal shell structure and will be framing the inside, we will need some workers to come later in the week to balance the workload.  Therefore if you can come for 2-4 days and the end of the week works better for you, then come on Wednesday, March 7th.


What you can do!

Your participation is needed

Your prayers for the project are needed

Your monetary gift is needed

The cost of the project will mostly be paid by the Gonzales Camp Board with Loans from our Christian Church Foundation, donations from BBA and CPA and some donations from our Disciples Men.  To donate, make your checks out to CCSW and mark them 2018 Disciples Men’s Mission Project and mail to CCSW, PO Box 1689, Fort Worth, Texas 76101- 1689.



The week of March 5th to 10th. We will be working from Monday through Saturday if needed.  You may come for all or part of the time.


Choice of Housing

Housing will be onsite in the Activity Center dorms a short walk to the new building.  Other options are onsite RV hookups or at a motel 8 miles away in town.


Please complete and mail the Volunteer Registration Form    so we can plan the work schedule and food.

For more information click here for the Mission Project Announcement Letter.

For questions or late registrations, please contact:


Les Hodson at (214) 284-9617 or lester.hodson@gmail.com

Nathan Higginbotham at (281) 537-1754 or nathanhig@sbcglobal.net