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Those of us who have worked on the Funding Plan for the Coastal Plains Area have been blessed and moved by the way nearly every church has stepped up to commit to the ministry of the Coastal Plains. In addition, there have been a number of individual commitments made. All of which says to – ALL of US – that we value what the Area Ministry does and the nurture it provides.
The Funding Plan was always thought of as a necessary first step to deal with an immediate financial need. That need has been met, both by the commitments I noted above and an Area Council decision to pull from the 2014 gains of the New Church Development Permanent Fund.
We celebrate together our shared significant win!
Now that we have completed that necessary first step, a step that has involved a three year commitment, the Coastal Plains Area Ministry is now free to engage more fundamental (and in my opinion more interesting) questions about the Area Ministry’s purpose, vision, focus and needs.
Thank you all so much for rising to the occasion and being good stewards of the ministry Jesus has entrusted to us.
Peace, Michael Dunn


Please click the link for  the  financial report you’d like to view.

Thank you for your support of the Coastal Plains Area.
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