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New life continues to emerge and thrive with energy and excitement at First Christian Church in Lake Jackson despite the tragic fire last year. “We want the community to know we are still here, we appreciate their support and encouragement, and they matter to us,” said Pastor Cynthia Myers.

In the last year, great attention was paid to the community with what the church calls, “Parking Lot Functions”. While the church building was slowly renovated behind them, the parking lot became a hub of activity several times over the last year. A “Trash to Treasure and Homemade Soup Sale” raised significant money for the local food bank.

The Spring Festival last May welcomed many diverse and in-demand vendors from the community. Booth sales and food sales raised money for the ministries within FCC as well as those the church supports in the greater community, like Omega House Hospice, The Food Basket, Salvation Army, The SPCA of Brazoria County, Habitat for Humanity, Paws in Grace, and The FCC Prison Ministry Outreach.

Amid the ongoing construction, FCC remembers what the rebuilding is all about: God touching people and people reaching out to bless and be a blessing within the community and the body of Christ. With these objectives in mind, Pastor Cynthia Myers decided to throw a Doorpost Party. Members of the church and community, the board, and the staff all gathered at various times throughout the week speaking and writing prayers, scriptures and blessings on the studs and sheetrock inside of the building.

Most recently FCC is partnering with a local elementary school as they host the last Parking Lot Function, August 5, 2017, before returning to their restored building later this fall – a Back-to-School Supply Tailgate Party. A bounce house, food and drinks, and giveaways will only be a part of the fun. Backpacks stuffed with supplies will be given out two per family while supplies last. As always, FCC encourages the community’s support to help make a difference.

“Supplying the teachers and students at Ogg Elementary with needed supplies will help relieve some of the stress people feel as the school year approaches,” said church secretary, Dayna Bickham.

Out of the ashes and grief of the tragic fire, this “

little church with a big heart

”, has once again discovered God really can and does work everything out for our good and for His purposes. The church returns to their building with a church-wide and community- wide Homecoming Celebration as they welcome all to gather at the table on World Communion Sunday, October 1, 2017.

Join us in praying for the rest of the renovations and their community outreaches.


Wanted:  Local Reporters

We are looking for “reporters” who can supply us with copy. This page is dedicated to  Congregational Outreach Projects. 

We would love to hear about:

  1. Your upcoming ministry projects, including dates, times and location. 
    For instance, the Kingwood Christian Church is having their annual Joy to the World market on November 14-15. Saturday hours are 9-4; Sunday from 12-2. The purpose of the event is to raise money for mission projects around the world. Over 15 ministries are already confirmed for the event, including Freedom Bus Ministry (women’s prison ministry), Bead for Life (poverty eradication), Rahab’s Hope (human trafficking), Lilies of the Valley (refugees) and Urban Promise International (youth education and leadership development). Each ministry has a booth where shoppers can purchase Christmas gifts like handcrafted items and stylish clothes. Gift wrapping is free. Proceeds from the Silent Auction this year will go to support Syrian refugees.
  2. Reports on local ministry projects. After the event occurs, we’d love to post pictures and a write-up of what happened, what good you did in the world and how your church felt about it.

What are the publishing specifications?

  • Photos should be jpg format. Include description of activity, host church, date of event.
  • One page maximum, may be edited to fit available space.
  • Email to Marilyn in the CPA office: cpa@cpadisciples.org Include contact information in case of questions.
What qualifies as an outreach project?
Anything your congregation is doing to reach out to others with the love of God.

Why should you take the time to do this?

  1. It’s good for volunteers. Our congregations are doing so many things to cultivate compassion. Share your good news. It will encourage your own leaders to see that their hard work resulted in something that others can enjoy hearing about. Let them know that your event received recognition from the CPA.
  2. It’s good for your local communities and prospective members. You can use your advance publicity and after-event reports for your own local and neighborhood newspapers and websites. Your local communities need to know about what you are planning and what you have done. After sending your report to us, inquire with local publications about how to submit to them. Someone in your community may be looking for an opportunity to volunteer for a good cause. Let them know how to link in to your event. As Sharon Watkins said in her Regional Conference address: We need to quit hiding and start sharing. Disciples of Christ (Christian Church) are the best kept secret in the world. Let’s change that.
  3. It’s good for other congregations. Other congregations will get good ideas for their own mission/outreach programs. We can learn from each other. After seeing your report, you may get a call or email from another pastor or lay leader wanting to know what you learned from your experience and how they can incorporate that learning into their own event.

We look forward to hearing from you.

First Christian Church, Houston answered the Call of Week of Compassion to help in Baton Rouge.  Pastor Michael Dunn  and several of his congregation   members worked diligently  throughout the weekend helping to make homes livable  once again. 
 Please remember that our Area has funds  available to help your congregations with mission trips  – – to help your
congregations become the hands and  feet of Christ.
Baton Rouge Mission Trip
FCC-Houston also answers the call to help feed the hungry with their  “Rice Flash Mob” day.

The devastation in Haiti following Hurricane Matthew is real and severe. Many of the villages had difficulty getting aid.  When members of Memorial Drive Christian Church discovered their friends in Las Palmes, Haiti, had no food,  they got busy collecting funds to send food.  When this  food was delivered to Las Palmes on Oct. 19, it was the first they had received since the hurricane.




KINGWOOD CHRISTIAN CHURCH:   We spent 5 days working  at  the Chantimelle RC school, a  small primary school in the  northern parish of St. Patrick’s.      continued   below photo reel:
Here is a list of highlights from the trip:
  1.  With assistance from local craftsmen, we  were able to repaint and install tile floors in the

kindergarten area and the exterior walls of the  school.

  1. We painted and furnished 12 networked  laptops as well as 2 air conditioners for a  computer lab in the school which will also be  used for community education. 
  1. We brought school supplies for the school.
  2. We provided funds for a local artist to update  murals on the school compound.
  1. We brought craft supplies for a local artisan and the Anglican Women’s group.
  2. We transported a wheelchair for a special needs child in the community who was unable to leave his home.
  3. Our  teenagers brought music into the classrooms of the school and were given a 30 minute radio segment on air.
  4. Local radio stations interviewed our members and shared the work we were doing.
  1. Some of our group joined a local singing group to sing at the St. Patrick’s cultural festival. 
  2. Dr. Amy Plummer gave a women’s health talk to the  girls at the local high school, using the Just Say Know curriculum.  She also gave a health talk for women in  the community. 

As with the previous two mission trips to Grenada,  we have built relationships as we have worked  beside our brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you to your committee for helping to make that possible. 




Memorial Drive Christian Church collects food for the local food pantry. Here’s the haul from last November Thanksgiving bags.  They do an extra collection twice each year in addition to their regular ongoing collections.  What a loving, generous congregation!
DSC_4154                          DSC_4158