Coastal Plains Area – Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)


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  The Coastal Plains Area
is one of eight areas that make up the Southwest Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  Click here to find a Christian (Disciples) church near you.

Area Ministry impacts congregations for good. Most recently through a workshop called The Enneagram, we saw 35-40 pastors, commissioned ministers and lay leaders from many Coastal Plains churches delve deep into a self-awareness tool that will directly translate into leaders with greater capacity for ministry and healthier congregations. Here is a video that contains testimonies from many who are blessed by the ministry of the Coastal Plains Area. It’s a little long for a worship setting (10min), but share it with your small group leadership teams – elders, deacons, boards, finance committees, etc.; and in small group settings such as Sunday school classes, Bible studies and fellowship gatherings. Working together we can do so much more than working separately! LIKE if you AGREE!! 

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Gatherings are being planned to offer you opportunities to learn about what the study team has come up with. Click the “Funding Plan” button to find a meeting near you.